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It’s All About Style

At In-Vogue we pride ourselves on being the top people in two storeys. We design and build cutting edge homes that put contemporary two storey living within affordable reach for many people. The team of professionals at In-Vogue boasts more than a hundred years combined experience, and many are regarded as the best in the Perth building industry.

We have a very large selection of home designs to inspire you and we are more than happy to discuss your own design ideas as well. Either way, our award winning designers know what works and are eager to help create the perfect home for you.

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Aim higher for less. from $229,500

All around the world, smarter and more affordable building technologies are being developed every day. New Level is focussed on bringing together the newest materials and smartest building techniques to deliver you a ‘clever’ home at an exceptional price.

Downstairs is always built in solid concrete and brick, while upstairs we use thermo-smart panelling which provides a second storey in a fraction of the time. Because of this, not only are our homes more environmentally friendly, they’re less expensive and much faster to build. Get the dream two storey home you’ve always wanted, but without a big price tag.

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Big ideas for narrow lots

As urban lots get smaller and narrower, we see a huge opportunity for clever design and innovation.

In fact, we never consider narrow as a limitation at all, no matter how narrow it gets. Renowned Homes caters specifically for blocks at the narrowest end of the spectrum with 10 and 12 meter frontages.

As a major growth area of the building market, we have devoted all of our resources to developing smarter building techniques and better space-maximising design ideas. We offer solutions to suit all needs including those of empty nesters, growing families as well as families with teenage children.

We design our narrow lot homes to maximise lifestyle and reduce the amount of time needed to spend on maintenance and care.

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2Storey Display Homes.

We have a number of homes on display that range in design from narrow lot living through to beautiful family homes.

To see our display homes, and get the open times and locations, click on the link provided.

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Build your dream home.

Don’t ever feel that you need to compromise and pick a new home design from a list. We welcome the challenge of making alterations to our designs that will fit your lifestyle.

Want a bigger living space? Maybe move the kitchen upstairs? Whatever the changes, we’ll work with you to achieve the best design.

Let us build your dream new home.

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A two storey home for the price of a single storey.

Why let your ceiling space go to waste when it could be used to add valuable living area? This is the thinking behind Loft homes, which provide all the benefits of multi-storey living but without the higher costs of two storey homes.

The Loft roofline has a steeper pitch and this means an upstairs mezzanine area can be constructed to create additional floor space. The vaulted roof makes the home much cooler during summer and it gives a feeling of greater space.

Surprisingly, it can often be more economical to build a Loft home with a mezzanine floor than to build the equivalent space as a single level home.

Loft Homes


Whatever kind of 2 storey home you need to suit your lifestyle, you’ll find it amongst the enormous range of designs shown on this website. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re after, feel free to chat to us about what modifications might be possible.

Our customers love us

  • We cannot express our gratitude enough for the wonderful and professional way in which you have built our lovely home.

    James & Molly, Cannington WA

  • Overall very pleased with our experience and would definitely recommend.

    Paul - 7/4/14

  • Best building supervisor ever

    Joe – 30/6/14

  • Very satisfied and will likely to recommend us to their friends and family.

    Nicole – 3/6/14

  • There's always room for improvement but there is nothing for the company to improve in particular.

    Annette – 11/3/14

  • The supervisor deserves a massive pay rise. He is the best. He should get a promotion and train all building supervisors before they are given houses to build. His knowledge and expertise should give him pay rise.

    Romeo – 24/3/14

  • We were very happy with the service.

    Karen – 19/3/14

  • It’s built to our plans. The rooms are a really good size, Outlook is great and its functionality is great for a small family

    Mitchell – 17/6/14

  • Joanne has a very comprehensive knowledge of available products and a very good vision of the completed product. Always willing to help or offer advice.

    Dennis – 25/09/14

  • Your receptionist was friendly & offered me a coffee!

    Mark – 24/9/14

  • They have been fantastic through the build process. Has gone above and beyond our expectations and has always been readily available if I have ever needed to make contact him. The house is fantastic with all finishes of a quality standard.

    Joanne – 19/9/14

  • Generally, very, very happy. Would recommend. Very good experience.

    Corina – 15/10/13

  • What do we think of our home? Love it!

    Stephen – 02/10/13

  • The experience was that good we have sent a letter of praise to Julian Walter in regard to the employees.

    Dennis – 11/09/13

  • The Sales Consultant was very honest with us when meeting for the first time. He ensured he helped out where possible.

    Katherine – 12/07/13

  • We could not be happier with the progress to date. We have reached ground floor brickwork completion in very quick time, and look forward to moving into our home in the near future!

    Ben – 8/07/13

  • Had a fantastic experience. Everything went well from the initial approach with the sales consultant. Did not have to worry.

    Tania – 28/05/13

  • Very good and honest

    Craig – 17/05/13

  • Very happy with the new home. Nice job.

    James – 16/05/13

  • In-Vogue doesn’t have an area that they need to improve and rates highly in everything

    Majorie – 15/05/13

  • Rate highly in all areas because everything went smoothly

    Thomas – 13/05/13

  • Exceptionally happy and very impressed with the organization.

    Bryan – 19/08/13