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About Us is proudly brought to you by Residential Building WA which is part of the JWH Group, one of WA’s largest building companies.

We are the absolute authority when it comes to anything to do with two storey.  We specialise in all styles of multi-storey living and show you an enormous range of home designs including narrow lot homes, loft homes, town houses and large family homes.

“Designing and building two storeys requires specialist knowledge and skill which is why you can take comfort in the expertise of our staff who have combined experience of well over 100 years in the building industry”

Modern two storey design means that a home’s layout and style can suit everybody’s need, regardless of your life-stage or your budget. Separate living areas, multiple courtyards, dedicated children’s zones, the options are endless and we can help find the right solution for you.

We’re happy to adapt any of our existing plans for your needs, or even create a design for you from scratch.


Our clients wouldn’t be as happy as they are without the dedication of our suppliers.

Some of our wonderful suppliers are below;


There is a wide range of selections for you to choose from with optional upgrades available. For more information speak to us today


Specialty Ranges

We specialise in all styles of multi-storey living, including narrow lot, loft, tri-level and large family homes.  Explore the hundreds of designs in our extensive range and you’re sure to find the home to suit your lifestyle and budget.

A two storey home for the price of a single storey

Why let your ceiling space go to waste when it could be used to add valuable living area? This is the thinking behind our loft homes, which provide all the benefits of multi-storey living but without the higher costs of traditional two storey homes.

The loft roofline has a steeper pitch and this means an upstairs mezzanine area can be constructed to create additional floor space. From the outside, a loft home has the impressive elevation of two storeys and inside there’s a feeling of greater space.

Big ideas for narrow lots

As urban lots get smaller and narrower, there is a huge opportunity for clever design and innovation in two storeys.

In fact, we never consider narrow as a limitation at all, no matter how narrow it gets.

Renowned Homes caters specifically for blocks at the narrow end of the spectrum with 10 and 12 metre frontages.

As a major growth area of the building market, we have devoted our resources to developing space-maximising design ideas. We offer solutions to suit all needs including those of empty nesters, growing families as well as families with teenage children.

Our narrow lot homes are designed to maximise lifestyle and reduce the amount of time needed to spend on maintenance and care.

It’s all about style

At In-Vogue we pride ourselves on being the top people in two storeys. We design and build cutting edge homes that put contemporary two storey living within affordable reach for many people.

The team of professionals at In-Vogue boasts more than a hundred years combined experience, and many are regarded as the best in the Perth building industry.

We have a very large selection of home plans to inspire you and we are more than happy to discuss your own design ideas as well.

Our range includes two-storey homes designed to maximise different circumstances such as narrow frontages, corner lots and lots with views from an upper level.

Whatever opportunity your block presents, our award-winning designers know what works and are eager to help create the perfect home for you.

Aim Higher For Less

All around the world, more affordable building technologies are being developed every day.

New Level Homes is focussed on continually bringing together the newest materials and smartest building techniques suitable to WA conditions to deliver you a ‘clever’ two storey home in a much quicker time-frame than conventional construction methods at an exceptional price.

Get the dream two storey home you’ve always wanted, but without a big price tag.

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