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You love your suburb, but not your house. Renovating is too expensive and too much of a compromise. Now you’re thinking of demolishing your old home and building a new one that suits your block and budget.

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A demo and build is a great idea on many levels so let us explain why. Property prices have continued to rise dramatically in WA over the past few years. The market has now seen a number of older properties experiencing higher overall land value, and the value of the house itself being quite minimal in the total property equation.

This now means that many home owners like yourself are choosing to demolish their existing home and build a new one in its place. Another trend is that properties are being bought with the intention of demolishing the current house to build a new home. This proves to be very economical and raises the value of the property considerably, with the added benefit of being able to tailor make a home to suit the block and their lifestyle.

Reasons why you may be considering to Demolish & Build:

  • You absolutely love the suburb that you already live in.
  • Building in your current location will benefit your family’s lifestyle in the long-term.
  • It is becoming costly to maintain your current home.
  • It’s generally more cost effective to Demo + Build rather than renovating
  • The current trends excite you and given you the desire to build a new home.
  • Your children go to the local schools and don’t want to move.
  • The current layout of your home is no longer suitable with your lifestyle and you want the freedom of choosing the prefect design, rather than settling for the next best.
  • There can be a saving on stamp duty and commissions.
  • Your lifestyle suits your current block and it can be difficult finding a similar block elsewhere
  • You will have a new maintenance-free home without the worry of buying someone else’s problems in an already established home.

Demolishing an existing home and rebuilding a new one gives you the freedom to have the design that YOU want in the suburb that YOU love. Rest assured that companies like have ample experience to help you in every step of the process.


If you want some more detailed information, feel free to give David Lauder a call on 9202 9294, send an enquiry through on the right, or send us an email to We look forward to hearing from you and sharing over 17 years of experience in building.

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