Midland Brick

At Midland Brick we made our first brick almost 70 years ago and since then we’ve made enough to go to the moon and back 3 times!

We currently make more than half a million bricks every day, that’s enough
to circle the earth each year!


Since Midland Brick started in 1946, we have introduced many new products and innovations to make WA home building the best in the country, and we are proud to have partnered Perth’s top builders in achieving this unrivaled quality.

Our focus is not just making bricks!

For 42 years, The Telethon Home by In-Vogue has become an important part of our year, not just for Midland Brick, but also for our people who individually contribute their skills and enthusiasm to the project.


Since the very first Telethon Home by In-Vogue in 1972, we have seen many changes in style and materials, and this year’s “2014 Eden beach Telethon Home by In-Vogue” is no exception as we showcase our new Contempo brick and new Ashlar Pavers.

The Contempo Brick – A slimline style, with a depth of just 47mm and smooth monochromatic face, will be seen for the first time in the Telethon Home by In-Vogue. And as the name suggests, the look will be very contemporary.

Being part of this special project and working closely with In-Vogue, and the many other generous contributors, makes each Telethon Home by In-Vogue a really special event.

We congratulate In-Vogue for their generosity and take great pride in partnering Perth’s best for such a great cause.

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