Prestige Tile

It may have been something to cross your mind when looking at the Telethon Home by In-Vogue
each year…

“Wow, look how good that tiling is, I wonder who’s provided that?!”


Well our good friends at Prestige Tile Gallery are the people you want to know. Joe LaBianca gives us a little insight into the family run business.

Joe says “Prestige Tile Gallery has been around for 14 years and has always been WA family owned and run. “My wife runs the accounting department, my 27 year old son looks after sales, my 24 year old son supervises the tiling teams and my 21 year old son manages our three warehouses and delivery service.”  As you can see, the business is family through and though.


Joe tells us that he’s had the pleasure of being involved with the Telethon Home by In-Vogue
for four years.

He goes on to say “Prestige tile gallery are the leaders in innovative new products that have been used in many display homes over the last 14 years, especially the Telethon Homes, and we are proud to be involved with in this year’s 2014 Eden Beach Telethon Home by In-Vogue.”

Thanks Joe and the rest of the team at Prestige Tile Gallery for partnering with us on this year’s 2014 Eden Beach Telethon Home by In-Vogue.

For more on Prestige Tile Gallery, visit their website:

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